About Bri


As a ceramic artist, I strive to create beautiful, functional pieces with ergonomic forms that are meant to be used and enjoyed every day. One of my preferred techniques is hand building. I choose to hand build the majority of my work to strengthen the connection between maker and user. Furthermore, hand building allows me to give my pots an extra level of thought and purpose because this technique requires me to constantly pay attention to the form and surface of the work. For my work, I use simple shapes, patterns, and colors to let the designs integrate easily with the form of the pot, bringing harmony between the two elements.

I mainly work with porcelain and brown stoneware. I use porcelain because the brightness and delicacy of the medium reinforces the idea that my pots are unique pieces of fine art, while simultaneously serving as the perfect blank page for surface design. I use a brown stoneware to reinforce the utilitarian and functional nature of my work. The darker color and gritty texture of the clay also serve as a useful element to add visual balance, a place for the eye to rest, free of any surface design. These two different clays both let me explore a multitude of forms and surface designs in two varying ways to create functional works of fine art.


I have a deep love affair with the use of line and shape in my drawings and pottery. I use contour line in my drawings because I can focus on keeping the lines organic and alive, much like the lines you would find in nature through rocks, horizons and streams. These organic lines are very meditative to draw using fresh ink on paper. I focus on drawing the shadows and highlights with these very lines instead of edges and shapes. These contour lines are inked over watercolor paintings to add depth, dimension and color. By breaking down the world around me, I can focus on invoking a feeling to the viewer, going above merely translating what inspires me. 

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briana.l.larson [at] gmail [dot] com

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