Artist Statement

Like many artists, I am inspired by my surroundings. I have lived in the Midwest all my life and these scenes are deeply intertwined with my perspective on life. I recently moved to New England and everything that surrounds me is different. I am fascinated and curious about my new surroundings and I am taking in every detail. 

I have a deep love affair with the use of line and shape in my drawings and pottery. I use contour line in my drawings because I can focus on keeping the lines organic and alive, much like the lines you would find in nature through rocks, horizons and streams. These organic lines are very meditative to draw using fresh ink on paper. I strive to convey shadows and highlights with these very lines.  These contour lines are inked over water color to add depth, emotion and dimension to my drawings. I use simple shapes and colors in my pottery to dive into the deepest sensation of my inspiration. By using simplicity to interpret the world around me, I can focus on invoking a feeling to the viewer, going above merely translating what inspires me. 

My forms are inspired by my love of functional pottery and are meant to be used and enjoyed every day. I hand build my pots to increase the tactile desire of my pottery. When my fingertips are engaged in every surface inch of the pot, it strengthens my connection to its form and use. Holding a well formed and well-balanced pot is an important experience to have every day. I feel that a daily connection to handmade pottery not only makes our food and beverages taste better, but using handmade objects fills our life with joy and builds our connection to other people. I strive to make my pots comfortable to hold and practical to use while simultaneously existing as a beautiful pot.


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